An Oil Painting of Remembrance – Artsy Fartsy Friday #12

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This is one of my last oil paintings prior to transitioning to digital painting.

I miss painting in oils, but not the smell or cleanup. But to be honest, digital painting is far from perfect (that’s a post for another time). So it’s not a forever transition. I’ll probably take up oil painting again. In fact, my oil painting studio is waiting for me, down in the basement, and every so often I get the itch, but not yet itchy enough to crack a container of “odorless” mineral spirits.

Those scare quotes are there for a reason. After countless purchases of so-called “odorless” turpentine and mineral spirits, it’s clear that truth in advertising is a nice slogan mostly honored in the breach. I’ve never had an odorless can of “odorless” turpentine or mineral spirits.

That’s part of the reason I’ve shied away from further oil paintings. I just don’t like the potential health risks.

Remembrance oil painting
A quiet American scene

A composite composition

Anyway, this particular oil painting was inspired by a home a few miles down the road from us. I liked the shape and tidiness of the house. It stood out because the rest of the neighborhood, while not completely sketchy, was definitely in need of attention.

Plus, there was the flag.

A nice home, with a patriotic flavor was a good idea, but the scene needed something big, so I added a tree and placed the scene in autumn.

I like the composition of this oil painting. It directs your eye to the house and the flag, but also allows your vision to move around and through the tree with the colorful leaves.

The painting is relatively small, only 11’ x 14’. I think I created it in 2006 or so.


The title of the oil painting is “Remembrance” and I think it’s appropriate for this week, as we remember the great sacrifices made on that gray day seventy-five years ago.

There’s not much I can say that hasn’t already been said by others more eloquent. So instead I offer this painting. It’s a quiet, American scene. Whatever it may lack in conveying the horror and misery of June 6, 1944, it makes up for by offering a small slice of the life their many sacrifices helped preserve and made possible.

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