Steve Merryman

Steve Merryman is a graphic designer, illustrator, patent-holder, hot sauce lover, smart-ass, and budding curmudgeon. Over the course of his career, Steve has shown a willingness to try just about anything, with the notable exception of singing in public (for which he feels the public owes him a large measure of gratitude).

Spokane area residents may recognize his design and illustration work for Bloomsday, including several Finish T-Shirts, print ads, and a bunch of posters. His work has won over eighty awards for artistic and design excellence at both regional and national levels.

Steve keeps busy pursuing his many interests, like running his design studio, SIGMA, with his wife, Faith; painting; writing; savoring a beer or two; shaking his head at world events; avoiding social media; looking for good cheeseburgers; battling his two large dogs for nightly bed space; and steadfastly refusing to sing in public.

Steve on his short, happy comedy career.

After my dad died, I was struck by the short and ephemeral nature of life, so I decided to throw caution to the wind and try my hand at standup comedy.

I wrote a 4-5 minute set and practiced while walking the dogs. After two months of listening to me patiently explaining why my jokes were funny, they politely suggested I try my jokes in front of actual humans. I felt I was ready, so I went to a local Open Mic, and gave it a go.

Here’s the video:

That went well.

Unfortunately, I never quite achieved the level of energy and audience enthusiasm of that first performance. After about ten more performances, I retired my mic.

These days I perform almost exclusively for the wife and dogs. They don’t mind, but she tends to roll her eyes a lot.