My Big Announcement: It’s Alive!

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Early this year, I came to realize that I’m slipping closer and closer to retirement age (Thanks, AARP for reminding me constantly for seventeen years, ever since I turned forty).

Perhaps even more disturbing is the dawning realization that graphic design is a young person’s game.

As an old guy, I’m more and more out of touch with current trends:

  • I shake my head at many of the design decisions that are made these days;
  • I don’t live on social media, nor do I get the appeal;
  • I don’t “get” most advertising (a sign it clearly isn’t directed at me - which means I’m irrelevant).

A good designer should be at home in the surrounding culture. But lately trends in food, fashion, movies and technology leave me scratching my head.

I need to find a new business. One I can slip into relatively quickly without a whole lot of fuss.

It needs to be something I enjoy, because aside from the income, if I’m not enjoying it, it won’t last – I’ll just give up and fade away.

Hmmm… what could the answer possibly be?

In the U.S. there are roughly 5,400 searches on Google per month for the term “pet portrait”. Around 4,400 people search for the term “dog portraits” every month as well, and around 1300 for "cat portraits".

That’s not a lot. But it’s not nothing, either.

If I can sell to just 1% of that market, I’d have more work in a month than I could handle.

That's where my new website comes in:

Actually I created it last year, but it languished without a whole lot of attention (by me and everyone else). This year, I’m taking it seriously.

I shut it down a few weeks ago and started reworking my products, prices and process to make a smoother more professional user experience. There's more to be added, and I will also be working on it to improve my SEO, which is key to capturing any of those 9,000/month searchers.

That’s all in the future, because today’s goal was to get the site up and live.

Perhaps it’s auspicious that today is also National Pet Day.

That’s my big announcement: is Live and Open for business!


Steve Merryman is a cranky old fart. He writes about things that make him tick, and things that tick him off. You may object to his views; you may think he's a moron; and you might wish to tell him so. In return he would remind you that his lack of concern for your feelings is only exceeded by his indifference to your opinions. Good day, Sir!

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