Friday Art #3 (Fake Book Edition 1)

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fake book cover - deep tuna

I always wanted to be a painter or illustrator. But I also wanted to eat regularly, so I prostituted myself and became a graphic designer.

In truth, graphic design was in many ways the perfect fit for a smart ass like myself. It gave me the opportunity to offend in both words AND pictures.

Eventually I learned to curb my natural inclination to insult and mock, and modified that "talent" into more productive ends, like irony and visual humor. That was where I was most at home as a designer and illustrator: conveying messages with visual pizzaz and a wink or two mixed in. When done well, it was an irresistible combination.

Not all clients appreciated such an angle of attack on their audience, and this was always a bit frustrating to me.

Fortunately, I sometimes had (and have) a little time where my mind and hands are idle. In those times I like to indulge myself and do whatever the hell I want. Occasionally something fun is born from the exercise.

Fun, but almost entirely useless, like this one, titled "Deep Water".

illustration - deepwater

In other words, Monday.

To what use could I possibly put such a work?

Such exercises for idle hands provided me with a lot of extra art that I didn't know what to do with, so a couple years ago I took a few of those illustrations and imagined them as book covers, adding titles and the usual marketing copy. Here's "Deep Water" as book cover art.

fake book cover - deep tuna

The surprise ending is delicious.


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