My annual Bloomsday rush

Steve MerrymanArt

Every year at this time I'm in a panic to get all my Bloomsday projects out on time. Today was a big deadline in that push

I've been working on the art for the poster for the last three weeks and just finished that last week. Today I had to finalize the layout and create a full-size mockup. Not a big deal, but this was the easiest of my projects.

Additionally, I had to create thirty billboard layouts covering all the Bloomsday registration deadline countdown. I create ten basic designs in three different sizes. That's thirty total. That was all accomplished in one exhausting day: yesterday.

Finally, I had to create the first proof for the entry flyer that gets distributed around town. This year we went from a two-color large foldout to a full-color single-fold.

All these projects were due for First Proofs today by 2:30.

I just made it by the skin of my yellowing teeth. So now I'm going to take a break for the rest of the day and goof off because I can and that's why I work for myself.


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